Bony Marshmallow
Keep calm and drink tea // -Сколько людей может поместиться на этом карнизе? -Кажется, там не хватает только нас.
Из интервью Армандо Ианнуччи:
"And then Jamie came along, yes. We wrote this part of Malcolm’s junior who is worse than Malcolm and must never be allowed outside. He must never meet members of the public. Malcolm can sort of turn it on and off, and turn on the charm when he wants to, whereas Jamie only really deals with other politicians but never sees daylight. And then, I met Paul Higgins who is very Scottish and who is great, and initially I thought, “Well they can’t both be Scottish.” And Paul said, “Well, I’ll do it in an English accent if you want.” But for some reason it just sounded more… (Sneezes.) Pardon me. …sounded more as if it was meant to be Scottish. [Malcolm and Jamie’s] back story, which we’ve never really explained, is that they both worked on a Scottish newspaper when they were in their 20s, so that’s how they got to know each other. Jamie learned everything from Malcolm. "

Ну почему они это не показали на экране :weep3:

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